Essential Services Working Capital Program

The Essential Services Working Capital Program

is an emergency loan program created in 2020 that provides short-term working capital loans to healthcare entities and other critical service providers whose operating funds are insufficient to meet the demand resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and related Public Health Emergency Orders.


Applicants:  Healthcare providers, rural hospitals, medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers, home healthcare, residential healthcare, and research facilities

Projects:  Operating expenses such as supplies, payroll, utilities and rent. Purchases of capital equipment or facility renovations are not eligible.

Terms:  1% interest rate; loans up to $1 million based on need, borrowing capacity and financial viability; terms up to five years

Other:  Lines of credit are also available; loans will be secured by collateral; grant funds are not available through this program.

For more information about the Essential Services Working Capital Fund, email


ESWCP Application
ESWCP Program Checklist