NMFA provides financing at or below market rates with no fees to make it possible for qualified entities in New Mexico to improve their communities. Through its AAA bond rating, NMFA is able to provide access to low-cost capital to New Mexico’s public entities, which offers considerable savings over the life of a loan. NMFA has a wide variety of loan programs and tools for communities and will work with you to find the programs that best fit your community’s needs, ensuring the lowest possible all-in cost of debt consistent with good credit management policies.

Public Project Revolving Fund (PPRF)

The PPRF is used to finance public projects such as infrastructure improvements, road projects, water system upgrades, fire and law enforcement equipment, public buildings, and more. Both market-rate loans and loans to disadvantaged communities at subsidized rates are made from PPRF funds.

Water Project Fund

NMFA makes loans and grants for projects recommended by the Water Trust Board and authorized by the Legislature.  With a reliable revenue stream to fund applications annually and a transparent set of policies that guide applicants, the Water Trust Board provides funding for a variety of water projects statewide.

Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund

The Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund is operated in partnership with the New Mexico Environment Department to provide low-cost financing for the construction of and improvements to drinking water facilities throughout New Mexico in order to protect drinking water quality and the public health.

Colonias Infrastructure Fund

The Colonias Infrastructure Fund helps certain communities in southern New Mexico that lack basic infrastructure for water and wastewater, solid waste disposal, flood and drainage control, roads and housing.  This program provides Colonia-recognized communities with financial resources for the planning and development of infrastructure to improve the quality of life and encourage economic development.

Private Lending for businesses

NMFA offers several financing programs for businesses, including nonprofit organizations, to provide essential services, boost economic development, create jobs, and improve communities overall. NMFA partners with the New Mexico Economic Development Department in creating and operating finance programs that help stimulate the economy through job creation and business growth, particularly in rural and underserved areas of New Mexico.

Disadvantaged Funding

NMFA offers 0% interest rates and other special interest rates to borrowers whose communities qualify for disadvantaged funding. The amount available at the disadvantaged rates varies by program and is based on the median household income (MHI) of your community. NMFA program staff will help you determine if disadvantaged funding is available for your project and your community.