Client Services

For existing NMFA clients:

If you have questions about your account, please email

With New Mexico’s stay-at-home order, NMFA is asking its clients to pay their invoices electronically. There are now several convenient ways to pay:

  1. Pay online through NMFA’s new bill-paying facility by clicking (LINK TO PAY MY BILL ON HOME PAGE). Follow the instructions at this site to either make a one-time payment or to enroll in E-bill Express so you can pay through it again in the future using your NMFA account number, which you can obtain from


  1. Allow NMFA to debit your account by submitting an Authorized ACH Form with your specific instructions for scheduled payments and allowing five business days to set up these payments.


  1. Pay by wire or ACH from your bank by following the instructions on your invoice. Contact for any questions on how to pay by wire from your bank.

If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact Romana Speight at