NMFA Policies, Acts, Rules


PPRF Loan Management Policies

Revised January 23, 2020

Colonias Infrastructure Board Rules

Amended April 6, 2021

Colonias Infrastructure Board Project Selection and Management Policy

Revised September 15, 2022

Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund Loan Management Policies

Amended July 2022

LGPF Project Management Policies

Revised November 2014

Water Trust Board Project Management Policies

Revised August 10, 2023

Economic Development (Conduit) Policy

Adopted May 2010

New Markets Tax Credit Policies & Procedures

Revised February 2022

New Markets Tax Credit Small Loan Pool Policies

Revised April 2020

New Markets Tax Credit Lending and Credit Policies

Revised February 2022

New Markets Tax Credit Economic Impact Policies

Revised April 2016

Cannabis Microbusiness Program Policies

Revised February 2022

Cannabis Microbusiness Program Rules

Adopted November 2021

Opportunity Enterprise Review Board Rules

Effective April 25, 2023

Small Business Recovery Loan Fund 2.0 Rules

Amended and Restated April 28, 2022

CARES Act Grants Policies and Procedures

Adopted December 1, 2020

LEDA Recovery Grant Rules

Adopted March 25, 2021

LEDA Recovery Grant Rules: NM Economic Development Dept.
Debt Management Policy

(Includes Common Debt Service Reserve Fund and Build America Bond Tax Compliance Policies)
Revised June 2017

Investment Policy

Revised October 2021

Bond Refinancing Policy

Adopted October 2005

Publicly Distributed Bond Issuance and Underwriter Policy

Revised January 23, 2020

Amended and Restated Post-Issuance Compliance Policy for Tax-Advantaged Bonds

Adopted March 25, 2021

Private Placement Bond Policy

Adopted September 2010

Derivatives Policy

Adopted October 2005

Procurement Policy

Amended and Restated – May 26, 2016

IT Organization Acceptable Use Policy

Revised January 2013

Website and Newsletter Privacy Policy

Revised March 24, 2021


NMFA Legislative Act Article 21

Current through the 2020 Legislative Session

PPRF Rules and Regulations

Adopted October 22, 2015

Amended and Restated LGPF Rules

Revised November 30, 2012

NMFA Conduit Bond Program Rules

Adopted December 1, 2009